Absolutly Free Staging & Advertising For Your House! 
Stage your house with brand new top of the line designer furniture, hand made Persian rugs, art, life size bronzes & much more!
There is no hidden cost, no commission, no penny charged to you.

We will advertise your house with your contact and property details including pictures in the 'main news' in major daily and weekly newspapers in your town. We will send fliers based on demographics to high-income people to buy your property and our furniture. We will also send fliers to our existing customers. We have sold hundreds of properties through our extensive marketing and very well known in the community for creating effective sales programs. These sale events attract large number of potential buyers to purchase your house and furniture. The current success rate of selling properties is 75% and this ratio is increasing.

Free House Advertising

who we work with

We work directly with home owners, realtors, brokers, builders and investors.

Since, all the marketing is free of cost to you, it does not effect your current contract with realtors and brokers or anyone else.

why there is no cost 

We will make money by selling our furniture at a two days auction at your house. There is no cost to you and no cost to us.

It's a win win situation for both of us.


when we schedule houses

We schedule the properties every weekend throughout the year. We have been staging and marketing the properties for more than 13 years all over the country.

Although, we schedule properties throughout the country but we try to stay in Texas.

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